Azureus just announced a deal with Bennet Media Woldwide that will allow them to distribute HD shows via their P2P download platform. From their news release:

"Among the Bennett Media original productions to be featured in HD on Zudeo include Bikini Destinations, The Wild Side, The Extremists, Xotic Xtreme and Snowology. Bennett Media content will be available on Azureus later this year."

No word yet on the costs of the content. The shows are pretty much the same ones that were licensed to for distribution "on a pay-per-view, download-to-own and ad-supported basis" late last year, so that might be an indicator for what Azureus could do with them.

Obviously paying for a show like Bikini Destinations might not be that compelling to the average Azureus user. After all, there is lots of this stuff available for free on your average porn tracker sites like

What makes this interesting is that Mark Cuban used to show Bikini Destinations at industry conventions back in the days when he wanted to persuade the audience of the power of HD but didn't have Dan Rather yet. In fact, Cuban's network HDNet still lists Bikini Destinations as "original programming".

Now this type of original programming will be available via P2P. Maybe this would be a good time to rethink that whole "HDTV is the Internet video killer" claim?

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