Porn and TV dominate the video content that people downlaod from P2P networks, according to a new study by the NPD Group. The market researchers estimate that 60 percent of those videos are "adult content", while 20 percent are TV shows.

Mainstream movies only account for five percent, and the NPD news release ddin't give any indication on what the remaining 15 percent are all about. Music videos? Anime? The Scene episodes? We'll never know.

NPD estimates that six million US households used P2P networks to download video content in Q3 2006. The news release quotes NOD vice president Russ Crupnick stating:

"Even though right now the majority of downloaded video content is adult-film content, the amount of intellectual property stolen from mainstream movie studios, networks, and record labels will continue to rise, unless strong and sustained action is taken to prevent piracy."

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