What a wonderful world: Geotorrent.org is distributing free satellite imagery and other geospatial data via Bittorrent. From the site:

"Geospatial datasets, particularly imagery datasets, can be very large. It is common for a single compressed image to be many gigabytes (20+) in size. GeoTorrent.org uses bittorrent technology to alleviate the traditional bottlenecks and cost dissuaders in large dataset distribution on the Internet."


The site is a little over a year old by now. It is offering 37 torrents, and has facilitated the transfer of about 25 Terabyte of data. Geotorrent founder Richard Orchard also sees his platform as proof that not all P2P use is illegal:

"There is a lot of talk in the press about the evils of peer-to-peer technology. However, GeoTorrent demonstrates the benefits a practical, workable use of peer-to-peer technology. Without this technology the distribution of large datasets would not be viable."

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