A new site called Podchains.net is jumping on the podcast aggregator bandwagon with a dead-simple approach: Everyone can podcast media hosted anywhere by simply adding it to a personal feed. Things can be added to your feed through a dashboard or a bookmarklet.

Podchains looks a little like a more polished yet less social version of Webjay - until you realize that you don't actually have to podcast audio or video. You might just as well add PDFs, MIDI files or whatever file format makes sense to you and the subscribers of your feed. Think of it as a way of broadcasting meets file sharing. From the site:

"Podcasting isn't just about great music and funny videos, you can use a podcast feed to transmit files you'll use in everyday work. If you need to share documents a lot at work, simply upload them to your server, add the item to your podchain and keep your workmates updated everytime there's a new document available for them."

I could see this work really well for decentralized workgroups, school or university classes or even fans of a certain author who get snippets of his upcoming book automatically delivered to their desktop.

The only remaining question is: Which aggregator software is the right solution for these kinds of feeds? iTunes can handle PDF downloads, but doesn't do that well with a lot of other types of media. Any ideas?

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