Don't you feel bad for the AOL guys? They wanted to help some fellow researchers and ended up with a major privacy SNAFU. Now someone has made the whole AOL search terms database searchable itself - and in turn given us rare insight into the mindet of AOL users.

Of course one could use this to puzzle together personal profiles. But it's already lots of fun to just feed the database with random terms that are of some importance to the P2P and online media space. Look at it as some sort of personalized popularity contest:

Limewire - 2798 hits.
Youtube - 2186 hits.
iTunes - 1214 hits.
Kazaa - 864 hits.
Napster - 494 hits
Rhapsody - 454 hits.
Bittorrent - 84 hits.
Allofmp3 - 83 hits.
Emule - 53 hits.
Edonkey - 8 hits.
Azureus - 7 hits.
Overnet - 0 hits.

Looks like Edonkey / Emule and Bittorrent aren't really too popular with the AOL crowd. Or maybe they are using it already and just don't have any questions. After all, search activity doesn't always translate to popularity. Take the completely unrepresentative first results for Napster, for example:

napster searches on aol

Oups. Well, at least one guys is genuinely interested in the new, free Napster web service.

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