The EU-funded P2P Next project has started to stream BBC content in true 1080p HD via BitTorrent. The project posted an episode of the BBC’s R&D TV on its technical trial web site this week, with the option to stream it either in regular 480p or full HD-quality 1080p. Users have to first install a plug-in, which is currently only available for Windows.

P2P Next has been working on BitTorrent-based streaming since early 2008, and the project has enjoyed support from a number of European heavyweights. The EU has funded P2P Next with 14 million euros ($20.8 million). The BBC has been an early content partner of the project, and Pioneer has partnered to produce a P2P set top-box prototype. Initial data from the current test is promising, but it also shows there’s still work to be done. Continue reading on

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