Swedish broadcasteer SVT has started to experiment with live-streaming based on Octoshape's P2P plug-in for coverage of the computer gaming convention Dreamhack that is starting tomorrow in the Swedish town of Jönköping. SVT will provide around 10 hours of live coverage of the event online, and the programming will include in-game video of e-sports tournaments, according to The Local. From the newspaper's website:

"The web-based Dreamhack broadcasts will also allow SVT to beta-test a new webcasting technology that the station hopes will allow it to send higher quality video to more viewers. The technology relies on a P2P distribution network, which utilizes viewers’ free bandwidth to send SVT’s video stream on to other viewers nearby."

The Local doesn't mention Octoshape by name, but a quick look at SVT's website reveals that the broadcaster is in fact utilizing Octoshape's technology. Of course, SVT isn't the first one doing so for live video. CNN previously utilized Octoshape for live coverage of the Obama inauguration, serving 25 million streams in the process.

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