For years, the Pirate Bay was the place to go to if you wanted to share movies, music or other digital goods. Pirate Bay co-founder Peter Sunde, who resigned from his job as the site's spokesperson earlier this year, now has his eyes set on a different kind of loot: Sunde is one of the founders of the Swedish start-up Kvittar that promises to keep track of all of your purchases and offer a kind of online locker for receipts. From Kvittar's website:

"Receipts exist almost everywhere digitally today. By tradition they are still printed on paper, which we account for is illogical. Kvittar solves this illogical fact. If you pay with card you can get your receipt secure, encrypted and digitally with the service Kvittar, making them searchable."

The site doesn't offer that many details yet, but apparently consumers would connect their credit or debit cards to Kvittar, thereby giving the company access to their purchase data. Kvittar then saves this data and makes it available online. Here's a quick promo video from Kvittar's website:

Kvittar Intro from Joakim Fors on Vimeo.

The company plans to offer private accounts for 5 Euros per year and business accounts for 10 Euros per year and credit card. Business accounts apparently offer the ability to export the data and use it for accounting purposes.

Kvittar isn't exactly the only company thinking about solutions like this. In fact, another P2P pioneer just recently helped to launch a similar start-up: co-founder and Redswoosh founder Travis Kalanick invested in Expensify, a company that also offers expense tracking through credit card data.

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