Proponents and opponents of new net neutrality legislation squared off in New York yesterday as part of an Oxford-style debate organized by The participants included Tim Wu from Colombia Law School, AT&T SVP Robert Quinn and Brad Burnham from Union Square Ventures.

What's an Oxford-style debate, you might ask? Here's a helpful explanation straight from the event's web site:

"This debate is not a panel discussion or a lecture. It is a contest, and at its conclusion there will be a winner. Before the event, the audience will vote whether they are for the motion, against the motion, or undecided. The audience will vote again at the conclusion of the debate. The side that has moved the most votes will be declared the winner."

Sounds like fun, right? Well, the event was actually really interesting, as evidenced by the video recording:

However, there's one caveat. The video ends before the votes are in. I asked the Tech Debate folks about it, and they promised to out an extended version up later tonight. Of course, I know you can't wait to find out who won. No worries, I got the official score:

tech debate

The motion, of course, was to pass net neutrality legislation, which means Wu and his crew won this one fair and square.

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