German movie producer Max Wiedemann has a plan to combat online piracy: He wants ISPs to block access to streaming video sites that offer unlicensed full-length feature films. Wiedemann proposed this type of ISP-based access control during an event organized by the German anti-piracy organization GVU, according to IT news site Wiedemann told is audience that it would be "technically trivial" to implement such blocks and singled out German-language streaming media directory as an example for a site that should be blocked.

Wiedemann's idea isn't exactly new. Germany has recently begun to force ISPs to block access to web sites suspected of hosting child porn. Book publishers have already argued that Rapidshare should be on that list as well, and representatives of the music industry also want to have a say on future versions of these block lists.

ISPs on the other hand are pushing back against these attempts to have them block access to a wide range of file hosting and video streaming sites. A representative of the German ISP association eco told the audience of the GVU event that there are already take down procedures in place to deal with illicit content. He suggested it would be better to empower the police to investigate online crime more effectively.

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