The two one-click hosting sites and together cause more global IP traffic that Facebook with its 300 million users, according to a new study by network management device maker Sandvine.

The company's 2009 Global Broadband Phenomena report explains that Facebook is causing a little less than 1.5% of all global IP traffic. Both Rapidshare and Megauopload follow closely, each causing around 1% of global IP traffic. One-click hosting and similar storage sites saw 56% more traffic this year than 2008, according to Sandvine.

sandvine report

Sandivne's report also offers some insights about the share of traffic consumed by file sharing applications. On average, 31.4% of all upstream bandwidth and 15.6% of all downstream bandwidth are caused by P2P. Just a year ago, P2P caused 61.08% of all upstream bandwidth and 22.31% of all downstream bandwidth.

As I pointed out a couple of days ago with regards to a similar report, that doesn't necessarily mean that people aren't using P2P anymore. It just means that other segments are growing faster, the most obvious one being streaming video. Sandvine is reporting that Youtube is now causing 5% of all global IP traffic.

Perhaps more interesting are various regional differences. P2P only accounts for 8.6% of all traffic in the Asia-Pacific region, according to Sandvine, but for almost 35% in Africa. The company measured 29.2% in Europe, and 18.5% in North America. P2P is also causing around 35% of all traffic in Latin America, where Ares seems to play a huge role, causing around 34% of all upstream traffic on its own.

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