Somehow I missed Machsend when it got released in July, but it's worth a look, if only to see browser-based file sharing based on something else than Java.


Machsend makes it possible to share files directly through your browser. Just drag and drop a file onto the Machsend website, and it will generate a unique Url to share with your contacts. Files will be available as long as your browser is open. From the Machsend website:

"The transfers are peer to peer - straight between the two clients and aren't relayed or proxied."

Granted, this isn't exactly a new idea. There have been numerous browser-based P2P apps in the past, with some offering pretty much the same as Machsend, while others bring BitTorrent or even streaming video to the browser. One thing that makes Machsend unique is that it's based on Ruby and Yahoo's Browserplus extension. Browserplus is essentially a plug-in that gives web apps file acces and other desktop-like capabilities.

Also interesting for P2P enthusiasts: Machsend's developer recently blogged about how he is using TCP NAT traversal.

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