Dutch public broadcaster VPRO is making a new documentary series dubbed "Century of the cities" available via Bittorrent. The network has already uploaded torrrents for the first two parts of the series to Mininova, where currently a few dozen users are seeding the files.

vpro documentary on mininova

Century of the cities aims to highlight the ongoing worldwide urbanization by looking at cities like South Africa's Johannesburg and India's Gurgaon, also know as the call center capital of the world. A third episode focusing on people moving to big cities in various parts of the world will be made available for download in the near future. All episodes are available in English via Mininova, and a Dutch version as well as DVD covers for each epsiode can be downloaded directly from VPRO's website.

Each episode is licensed under the terms of a Creative Commons license (BY-NC-SA), which means that it can be freely redistributed over file sharing networks. Users can even remix the videos, as long as they adhere to the specific terms of the license.

VPRO is using Mininova's Content Distribution service to seed the videos. This is the first time that a Dutch broadcaster has made use of Mininova to distribute its programming via Bittorrent, but it's not entirely without precedence in the world of public television: Canada's CBC has been using Mininova to make downloads of its show Canada's next Prime Minister available for download.

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