Controversial one-click file hoster Rapidshare is apparently working on a music download site. The company recently hired former German TV personality Mola Abedisi as an executive consultant to "coordinate trade show participation and the new section RapidMusic," according to German business news website Rapidshare also hopes that Abedisi will help them to establish new cooperations with the entertainment industry.

This isn't the first time Rapidshare has been toying with content partnerships. The file hoster launched a video game platform dubbed Rapidgames in 2007 that has been used to distribute video game demos trailers and patches. The company has been cooperating with a number of video game publishers on this platform, and it now seems to be ready to extend this idea to music as well.

Abedisi and Rapidshare COO Bobby Chang were also spotted at a music industry event in Berlin this week, where the company tried to reach out to rights holders. German file sharing news site reported however that Rapidshare's presence wasn't all that well received at the event. Germany's music industry has been fighting in court with Rapidshare multiple times over the last few years, but attempts to shut down the site or substantially change its business model have so far failed.

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