UK telco incumbent and broandband provider BT wants to have it both ways: The ISP has launched a complaint against an ad of one of its competitors that claimed BT was slowing down broadband speeds during peak times, according to PC Pro. From the article:

"(BT's fair use policy) also states that BT will 'apply speed restrictions to all P2P traffic at peak times' on all of its packages, adding that: 'You can, of course, still use P2P services, but downloads will take longer during the peak times.'"

BT is apparently also slowing down video streams, which is kind of what competitor Sky had claimed in its ads. However, the UK's Advertising Standards Authority found that Sky's ad could be read as suggesting that BT was even slowing down web browsing traffic, and not just video streams and P2P.

Good thing BT made that distinction clear. And it's not like they're going to lose any customers about it, like, I don't know, maybe those 7 million file sharers that may or may not exist in the UK.

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