Many sites and projects have rushed to the rescue ever since the Pirate Bay announced its intended sale back in June. Opentracker wants to take over the Pirate Bay's tracker duties, and Torrage wants to step in as an independent torrent file hoster, just to name two. And then there is the Pirate Kiosk - an exact copy of the Pirate Bay that's run out of an old newsstand and that can only be accessed via Wifi.

pirate kiosk


"(A) copy of the infamous Pirate Bay is available to the public, but – here comes the catch – offline-only. Yes, offline, the Kiosk is not connected to the Internet in any way, but the interested public is invited to use the service in a wifi-radius around it.

kiosk of piracy

You probably guessed it by now, the Kiosk of Piracy is one of the many projects exploring the intersection of art and piracy that have popped up on- and offline in recent years. This particular installation is taking place at the Kiosk of Contemporary Art in the Eastern German town of Weimar, which is usually home of temporary art exhibitions and installations. The Kiosk is officially on break until October, but has now been "taken over" by pro-piracy artists with a mission:

"We want to show in a very physical way that the Internet is neither a machine nor controllable in any way – it is just a system of agreements which work in any circumstances. We don’t need the Internet – the magic can happen anywhere."

The Kiosk of Piracy not only offers a free Wifi network to access its tracker, but also an integrated seed box to host files for downloading them at the speed of Wifi.

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