L.A.based start-up Media Hog officially launched the open beta of its S4ve.as one-click hosting service this week. S4ve.as offers unlimited file hosting (as in: files can be as small or as big as you want), and the service is currently both free and and-free, but it comes with a catch: Files can only be downloaded for 24 hours, after which they expire.


Media Hog was founded by a couple of Napster veterans. We're talking the music service, not the file sharing platform, but that didn't stop the start-up from trying to venture into the world of P2P. Media Hog's original idea was to launch a file sharing platform that would feature files from users as well as sponsored content from media companies.

The founders pitched this idea to entertainment execs in L.A., but received a somewhat muted response. However, it doesn't hurt to chit chat when you're already in Hollywood's offices, and the Media Hog folks kept hearing one thing over and over again: What we'd personally really like to see, folks in the business told them, would be an easier way to share files for work.

And S4ve.as aims to offer just that. Users don't have to register, and the site automatically spits out Bit.ly links to its files, something that should make the Twitter crowd happy. There are not really any additional features at this time, but I've been told that Media Hog is carefully watching the behavior of its users to see what the service should offer next.

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