P2P CDN solutions for online video used to be all the rage last year. Literally dozens of start-ups were pitching their unique flavor of BitTorrent to facilitate video streams and save content and platform owners some dough.

One of those companies was Mediadefender, better known for spamming BitTorrent sites with fake files in oder to prevent file sharing of major movies and albums. Mediadefender initially tried to go into the consumer space with its own P2P-powered video hosting site Miivi.com, but that ended in a disaster because people were assuming the site was set up to catch file sharers.

The company retreated, and eventually started to pitch its own P2P CDN solution dubbed Picast. Well, to make a long story short: Picast is no more. The Picast.com website is still up, but the project itself wasn't mentioned at all when Mediadefender announced its rebranding as Peer Media Technologies last week.

I wanted to know more, and asked whether Peer Media Technologies is still trying to get into the P2P CDN market. Here's what a representative of Peer Media's parent company ArtistDirect told me:

''Picast is a great technology but we have decided to focus primarily on anti-piracy services for the time being."

I wouldn't be too surprised if other P2P CDN start-ups closed shop in the coming months as well.

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