Germany's Pirate Party recently introduced its official campaign posters for the upcoming federal election contest. The party used a crowd-sourced approach to come up with the design of these posters, and the results are surprisingly tame. In fact, the posters kind of look like advertising for the Green party, only in orange.

piratenpartei wahlplakat

Check out the rest of the designs here. One subject that's notably absent from both these posters and the official Pirate Party branding ("liberty, privacy, civil rights, education") is copyright reform. In fact, not one of the posters explicitly mentions Internet or tech related subjects. Sure, there's this one ...

piratenparte wahlplakat 2

... demanding "free access to information and education", but the visual design (pen and paper, anyone?) suggests that it's much more about student tuition and similar issues than about decriminalizing non-commercial file sharing, which is after all one of the central ideas behind the founding of the Pirate Party.

That's a stark contrast to the U.K.'s newly-formed Pirate Party, which came up with this poster:

uk pirate party poster

Of course, the U.K. elections are still almost a year away, whereas the German election is coming up at the end of September. Will the U.K.'s Pirate Party tame its rhetoric for the sake of electability? Or will the German Pirates suffer because they're watering down their strongest issue in public? I guess we'll have to wait and see.

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