Ever wondered why there are so many torrent meta search engines out there that pretty much do the same thing, namely aggregate torrent search results from websites like the Pirate Bay and Mininova?

Because it only takes five minutes to set up such search engine, thanks to a bunch of PHP scripts that turn any shared web hosting account into an instant torrent site. And then, the money starts to roll in. Or so promises at least one of the programmers selling such a script:

"Once you setup the script, there is no need to update the content. It receives latest RSS feeds and API results to bring you the best and freshest content. After the setup, you are ready to get $$$."

Torrentify X, the script in question, sets you back 50 bucks for a single domain installation. Scripteen on the other hand only costs 35 bucks, but apparently hasn't been updated in half a year. The demo sites for both scripts look kinda, ehm, ugly if you ask me, but also remarkably familiar.

The downside of this is obviously that Google is increasingly flooded with search results from sites that just aggregate stuff from sites like Mininova (which in itself just lists torrents tracked by other trackers), making your jump through dozens of hoops before you eventually get what you want. And don't expect an innovation from a site that was set up with such a low-cost torrent scipt ...

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