The German Young Liberals, representing the slightly less aged part of the Liberal Party (FDP), seems to be very concerned about the recent successes of the Pirate Party. Or concerned enough at least to write up an internal five page position paper with arguments that are supposed to help Yong Liberals to engage with Pirate sympathizers.

The document, which recently leaked to Wikileaks (PDF), especially expresses concerns about the Pirate Party's pro civil liberties positions - a topic that has long been near and dear to at least parts of the FDP. So how do you deal with a young and net-savvy party hat threatens to steal your votes? Apparently, the first rule of anti-Pirate Party politics is: Don't talk about the Pirate Party. From the documemt:

"The best strategy is to refrain from bringing up discussions about the Pirate Party, which could further its popularity (no joint press releases or actions.) The party is already getting enough attention and good press!"

Of course, you can't always completely avoid the topic, especially in light of the upcoming German federal election, which is why the paper compares central positions of both parties. Turns out they're not always that far apart, or in case of civil liberties even "nearly identical".

Good thing that the Pirate Party also deals with this whole intellectual property thing, because that's where both parties have fundamentally different positions. The Pirate party wants to legalize non-commercial file sharing. The Young Liberals on the other hand believe that "making available and using copyright-protected content in file sharing networks is (...) illegal." Guess which position will be more popular with the kids?

Granted, the FDP has one argument going for them: It has been in the German parliament for about 60 years, and actually been part of coalition governments for the better part of this time. The Pirate party on the other hand will have to pull off a major surprise to get the 5% of the votes cast to be seated in Germany's parliament, which is why the Young Liberals argue:

"Each vote for the Pirate Party is a vote wasted."

At least it would be a vote cast ...

(via @netzpolitik)
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