Rapidshare has announced that it's going to appeal a recent court verdict that would force the company to establish stricter filters for copyrighted content. Hamburg's District Court ruled earlier this month that Rapidshare has to remove 5000 musical works that are part of the catalog of the German music rights group GEMA.

The court also found that Rapidshare isn't doing enough to prevent the repeated upload of previously removed works. Rapidshare would have to figure out stricter controls to make sure that these 5000 titles won't get uploaded again.

One of the issues that keeps popping up in these conflicts are links shared in third party forums. GEMA had previously told the courts that it had developed a software to scour web forums and extract links to content shared on Rapidshare. The company however doubts that this software is working:

"It's questionable wether the application can deal with mechanisms to prevent the scraping of links, open encrypted files, accurately indetify audio files or find links in forums that can't be accessed by search engines."

Rapidshare CEO Bobby Chang added that GEMA fighting a futile war that alienates it's own customers. "GEMA is trying to turn back time," he added.

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