Business Week is reporting that Janus Friis und Niklas Zenntrom of Kazaa and Skype fame will try to disrupt the TV business with a new TV streaming venture, which might have a P2P component of some sort as well. The venture is dubbed "The Venice Project" because some of the development is taking part in Venice - I guess inviting TV network bosses to Lithuania to broker deals wasn't really an option. And there will be deals:

"This time around, Zennstrom and Friis are inviting the cooperation of TV producers and networks. While the exact nature of their business model isn't clear, they are talking to every TV network in town, according to one person familiar with the matter. The idea is to become a dominant TV distribution company for the Internet era, just as companies such as Comcast (CMSCA) have dominated TV distribution in the cable era."

Aside from that the details of the new venture are still not very clear. An official announcemend isn't expected before fall, according to Business Week. Om Malik seems to know more and promises an update to the story later this week.