It looks like the Swedish Pirate Party has secured the support of at least one of the three co-founders of the Pirate Bay. Fredrik Neij aka TiAMO published a post on the Pirate Bay blog yesterday to get people to go to the polls:

"I urge everyone to vote in the European elections! Show us what you think!"

eu election

Neij currently lives in Thailand. He wrote that he had to go to the embassy to make his vote count, with the not so subtle subtext that others shouldn't make up excuses if he had to go through all this trouble. He also shared that he voted for the Swedish Pirate Party, which is expected to get anywhere from 5.5 to 7 percent - more than enough to be seated in the EU parliament.

However, not everyone is throwing his support behind the Pirates. Pirate Bay spokesperson Pete Sunde aka brokep came out as a supporter of the Green party a week ago, and Torrentfreak reported today that the Green party has been campaigning to legalize file sharing for years.

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