The verdict is out: The world loves the Palm Pre. Okay, Engandget does, and Walt Mossberg seems to like it as well. One of the features that consistently gets the thumbs up from reviewers is th Pre's ability to sync your media files through iTunes. Here's what Engadget had to say:

"In essence, the process works exactly as it would if you were using a standard iPod. You get options for (un-DRM'd) music, TV, movie, podcast, and photo syncing just as you would on an Apple device, and in our experience, the actual process was no different."

Some have speculated that Palm somehow got Apple to license access to iTunes, but the reviews make it clear that this is not the case. Instead, the Pre simply identifies itself as an iPod. In fact, Jon Lech Johansen was able to obtain the code that the Pre uses to facilitate the iTunes sync, and he doesn't think it will last very long:

"The root USB node (IOUSBDevice) still identifies the device as a Palm Pre (not visible in the image above). This means that Apple can very easily update iTunes to block the Pre."

Check out Jon's blog for the actual code.

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