Twitter's 140 character limit hasn't really stopped people to share all kinds of stuff through the micro-blogging platform. First there were dedicated photo services like Twitpic, then video sites like Twiddeo, and now there are all kinds of Twitter file sharing services popping up everywhere.

One that has gotten a lot of attention in recent days is Filetwt. The company behind it did a bit of PR for its service, and it quickly paid off: Mashable, Readwriteweb and Zeropaid all did positive reviews of FileTwt, with reviewers calling the service "handy", "quick and painless" and "true P2P." However, FileTwt isn't any of these things.

The service currently uploads files to Rapidshare, where most users have to wait half a minute or longer before being able to download it. Files uploaded this way can also only be downloaded 10 times max, so you better don't have too many followers. Then there is the fact that FileTwt seems to spam your entire twitter address book with obnoxious ad messages if you happen to click on the wrong button. The worst thing however is that Filetwt makes users enter their Twittter username and password - a completely unnecessary and highly insecure way of authentication, given the fact that Twitter supports OAuth. I really can't recommend using this service to anyone in its current form.

Luckily, there are lots of alternatives out there to share files with your followers. Here are four of my favourite solutions:


Twittershare offers a dedicated client to share files on Twitter. Users of OS X can install Twittershare as a Dashboard Widget, Windows users are offered a simple desktop client. Twittershare hosts files centrally on its own servers, with the file size being limited to 10 Megabytes. That's not much, but enough for the occasional PDF or MP3. And just a quick warning for the faint-heartet: Twittershare recently moved servers and the site looks like the room of a 16 year old indie rock kid as a result of some missing CSS files, but the service still works fine. Read my complete review of Twittershare here. is a one-click-hoster for Twitter users that literally just launched yesterday. Files are limited to 100 Megabytes, the interface is clean and simple, and you don't have to register or enter your Twitter credentials to use the service. And how's this for a bonus: The service functions as it's own Url shortener. Sweet.'s social P2P storage
also makes it easy to post links to Twitter. Users do have to register for an account with and start up its client before they can upload anything, but those are steps you might be willing to take for 1 GB of free P2P cloud storage. Files can be previewed through a web interface, and Wua .la's client can be started right from it's web site, so your followers won't have to install anything. In fact, they won't even have to register. Read more about's service here.

Filesocial is another dedicated Twitter file sharing platform, but this one is a little more tricked out than It supports OAuth, so you don't have to give them your Twitter password. Users can comment on your files and check out your profile. Files can be up to 50 Megabyes, and there is even a public time line to see what other people are currently sharing. Neat.

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