Many newspaper publishers are hoping for the Kindle to save their industry, but the Canadian Globe and Mail has started to embrace a different kind of medium to deliver its news: The paper just uploaded a torrent featuring four audio podcasts and a video documentary to The torrent is tracked by the Pirate Bay's trackers.

The Globe and Mail has been working on an ambitions web series about "The Download Decade" that is chronicling the launch of Napster back in 1999 as well as the things that happened in the years after in regards to file sharing. Part of this effort were a bunch of interviews with people like Napster founder Shawn Fanning, former Napster CEO Hank Berry, mash-up musician Girl Talk and others.

The Globe and Mail's website is directly linking to Mininova, making it clear that this is not some sort of semi-sanctioned work of a Bittorrent-loving employee. The download itself, which totals 192 Megabyte, is named "From The Globe and Mail: The Download Decade - Part One", so we should't be too surprised to see more Globe and Mail content pop up on Mininova in the near future.

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