Some of you may have followed my tweets from the DCIA's P2P Media Summit Los Angeles on Monday, but I thought I'd reproduce some of the key quotes of the day here for everyone else:

"The entertainment industry has always tried to gain monopoly power."

Mitchell Edwards, Bittorrent CFO

"Kodak died within four years. The same is gonna happen to the major media businesses too."
Steve Lerner, founder of P2P Cleaner

"How many record company execs does it take to change a light bulb? The answer is none, they don't like change."
Ron Berry, E-Commerce adviser of the Isle of Man

"Youtube would save 324M dollars in 2009 if they switched to P2P."
Adam Fisk, Littleshoot

"Blanket licensing is the worst solution, except for all the others."
Devon Copley, Noank Media

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