X-Men Origins: Wolverine is premiering this weekend, and Hollywood insiders are even more infatuated with ticket sales than usual. The movie is expected to make anywhere from $75 million to $100 million, with early reports putting last night’s midnight earnings at $4.4 million, a number that Deadline Hollywood calls “amazing.”

There will plenty to celebrate for 20th Century Fox if Wolverine becomes the box-office hit that some are predicting. For one thing, we’re in the midst of a global flu outbreak, complete with 24-hour news cycle panic and a vice president suggesting you should by all means avoid confined and crowded spaces. You know, like theaters. And then there’s the fact that Wolverine has been available online for a whole month now, which again raises the question: How much do these leaks really hurt box office sales? Continue reading on Newteevee.com.

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