The well-known Swedish author Unni Drougge was so upset by the court verdict against the Pirate Bay that she uploaded a home-made audio book version of her best-selling new novel Boven i Mitt Drama Kallas Kärlek (The villan in my drama is called love) to the site, complete with a manifesto for free file sharing and a link to her Paypal account.

screnshot of unni drougge upload

Drougge complained that some of her author-colleagues have become cannon fodder in the entertainment industry's war against the Internet - a clear reference to Henning Mankell and other well-known Swedish authors who recently started to sue users for uploading their books. However, she gave her colleagues the benefit of the doubt:

"I suspect that a large number of creators have been deceived or are afraid to step on the toes of their publishers. Most are definitely shortsighted."

Drougge believes that this conflict is not just about compensation. It's about increasing control that will lead to the "end of the web as we know it" and eventually a surveillance society:

"The Internet and it's technoology will be in the hand of big politics and big business. That which we were part in creating will be used against us."

This Youtube video features a complete translation of her text:

Swedish file sharers apparently liked this kind of support. Her book is currently the most popular audio book on the Pirate Bay, surpassing even Harry Potter torrents, with almost 900 seeders and around 270 comments. Drougge also continues to be surpised by the fact how generous P2P pirates can be. She received more than 3000 dollars in donations within 48 hours of her uploading the book.

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